7 Ways to Have an Eco Friendly Holiday Season


  1. Be cognizant of your wrapping paper. Mass produced, shiny paper is not recyclable. Opt for newspaper, or reusable gift bags. You could also get creative and use part of the gift to wrap the rest of your gift (like gardening supplies in a planter). 
  2. Switch to LED lights for decoration. They’ll last longer and pull less energy.
  3. Give gifts that reduce waste in the long term. Try our organic cotton produce bags, shampoo bar, or our reusable makeup remover pads. I think we’ve all got enough trinkets and shelf decorations for one lifetime. Give useful things!
  4. Send E-Cards instead of paper cards. 
  5.  Instead of buying a tree, decorate a tree in your backyard! Use natural decorations. Cover a pinecone in peanut butter and bird seed, and watch your backyard transform into a Snow White fairy tale. 
  6. Resist the urge to use disposable dinnerware. If you must, use our compostable palm leaf plates!
  7. Stick to a one gift rule. We are a consumer culture and we need to break some bad habits. Often times we find ourselves thinking of others when we see a clever phrase or cute graphic on a decorative, or otherwise non-functional item. Resist the temptation! Instead tell that person you’re thinking of them. It’s more genuine, and less wasteful!