How to avoid the lure of a big brand sale, and more...

1) It’s probably no shock to learn that Amazon charges its sellers hefty fees. If you see a brand on amazon that you like, see if they have a website and purchase off of Amazon instead. 


2) Here’s how you can avoid the lure of a sale. Ask yourself what a product is worth in your life before you even start shopping. For example, let's say you really need a bulk food storage jar for your morning coffee, or chia seeds. If you could have a high quality product in your kitchen right now, what would you part with? Let’s call it $18 for this example. That's the value you put on it. Now, you go shopping, and you're not allowing the market price to dictate what you want because you already have your own inner price compass. Let's say there's a walmart discount brand for sale for $12.99, and a responsibly made brand for $17.49. The discount no longer dictates your actions, and makes it that much easier to make a more responsible purchase that helps small business with zero regrets.


5) Don't put too much stock in reviews on Amazon. Reviews have become a way for large brands to dominate the landscape. Start ups and small businesses that are introducing new products have a very difficult time competing on the volume of reviews that massive, older brands are able to gather. Do a little research on the materials, and where the product is made. Call or email the brand and ask them why their option is better, any company worth its salt will be happy to brag about it's products.