New product launch countdown (7 days): 100% Recycled Notebooks

Here comes a product we’re very proud of. Kraft brown, 100% recycled notebooks. These are sized at 5 ½  inches wide by 8 inches tall. They’re the perfect size for journaling, travel, and your every day to-do lists. 

One of the features that separates us from the crowd is our lightly dotted grid printed pages. It provides enough structure for writing and design work, while leaving you the freedom to sketch and fully deploy your creativity onto the page. 

Another feature we made sure to work in was thick pages! We wanted to make sure that our environmentally minded customers were able to use the front and back of all of the pages. You can rest assured, the ink will not be visible on the flip side with our 36 gram weighted pages. 

Did we mention they come in a 10 pack with 100 pages (front and back)? Enough for your whole family, or a notebook for each of your projects. We hope you enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

-Team Ecotiva