Product Spotlight: Areca Palm Leaf Plates

We came across the idea for Areca Palm Leaf Plates while speaking with a friend in India. They brought our attention to these eco friendly plates because they knew how important sustainability was to us. We almost couldn’t believe how natural the process was when we first heard about it…

The leaves for these plates are harvested only when they fall off the tree naturally; whether it be a wind storm or simply a leaf that had lived its last day. From there, the leaves are rounded up and thoroughly cleaned. A molded hydraulic press is then heated for further sanitation and shaping. The edges are hand clipped around the newly formed plates and they’re packed from there. 

In order to remain sanitary and mold free, the plates must be wrapped… This was a tough challenge, because ALL of our competitors were using plastic. What could we do to secure our plates, but not waste more plastic? We decided on a biodegradable plastic wrap. While it’s not absolutely ideal, it is necessary for the trip from India and much better than wasteful shrink wrap. 

For good measure, we decided to add a pack of 25 bamboo napkins on us. Our boxes are made from 100% recycled material as well. We feel good about our partner factories in India. We share a close relationship with them, and love to hear about the way this helps their developing 3rd world economy and personal situations as well. 

Using the plates is a pleasure, and always elicits loads of compliments from guests and partygoers. While these plates are certainly not the cheapest options for disposable plates, they’re far and away the most eco friendly. The added benefit is classing up your party. These sturdy plates can handle anything you throw their way, from a steak dinner, to cake and ice cream. They’re also great for day to day use, and depending on the food you’re putting on them they can usually stand up to multiple uses. 

We certainly hope you enjoy them as much as we have! Click here to check out our product page, and see what other customers are saying about them.